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A long-term commitment to the environment. Starting from the observation that the oil industry and all sectors derived from it make a sad contribution to the pollution of our environment, Actioil has decided to go green. We support the fight against the release of CO2 through concrete actions. Every Actioil user not only saves operating costs, but actively contributes to the protection of the environment.

The hard truth in terawatt hours

For anyone who wasn’t sure, 2 TWh equals 2,000 GWh or 2 billion kWh. This in turn equals a production of about 20 million 100 kWh cars or a bit more than 33 million lower-range 60 kWh Tesla cars. 

Chart showing the amount of fossil fuel production per year
Graph showing the yearly CO2 Emission by Country

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The products themselves

Environmental protection

Actioil products are designed to optimize engine performance when using traditional fuels, with as well as without bio-fractions. Through improved fuel combustion, nanotechnology for sustainable sealing and optimization of the fuel at the molecular level, Actioil products help reduce harmful emissions released into the atmosphere from engines and boilers.
The amounts of CO2, smoke and particulate emissions from engines treated with Actioil products are significantly reduced.
Furthermore, Actioil completely replaces the mechanical or additional chemical cleaning of large tanks and tank farms.

Yellow Suzuki car in a test area from DEKRA. Measurement of fuel and environment efficiency
Internal & External

Environmental awareness

Actioil operates in a decentralized manner, travel routes are optimized as a result, and we drive environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles exclusively. 
The company's internal digital structure is internationally up to date, so the group largely avoids air travel and holds digital meetings both internally and with customers.
Actioil also engages every day by limiting the daily printing of documents, producing promotional items from recycled or biodegradable materials, and avoiding meaningless merchandising.


Optimized combustion and the removal of microorganic residues, fungi and plaques from the fuel system result in significant savings in pollutant emissions. Furthermore, every liter of diesel that is not burned reduces CO2 emissions by about 2.6 kilograms.

In representative studies, fuel consumption savings of more than 10 percent have been measured with Actioil, as well as a reduction in wear by more than half. These savings can in turn be invested in fleet modernization, further improving the carbon footprint.

Try Actioil for yourself. Our goal is to further increase fuel combustion efficiency while reducing emissions.


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